I finally have learned to Quit the book I don’t like

And I feel good.

Like every voracious reader out there, I was opinionated that I have to finish every book that I pick. Even when its uninteresting, utterly monotonous and highly uninspiring.

Dead, basically.

As an ignorant reader, during my childhood, I picked books with pretty covers. Or a book which was ‘donated’ to me by my mother’s colleagues. I literally dragged myself towards the end because at that time I was learning to read and speak fluently in English.

And speaking in English is a big affair in India.

There was an undying urge to prove that I am not a quitter. And (the thought of ) leaving a book made me feel guilty of the ‘opportunity’ which has been given to me.*

Until recently, I realized that nobody cares. At the age of 25. Imagine!

The year of enlightenment. 2017.

I usually kept reading till the end because I presumed that there will be something rewarding towards the end. And I was afraid, I might miss something incredibly funny. I am not going to name the book- because this time it was not an uninspiring book. I quit that book because I learnt that it’s okay to quit.

And not just books, it applies to practically everything. It’s okay to quit if it scares (or doesn’t excite) you. Reading is a personal choice, a personal endeavor. Think of it like this- When you eat food, it’s you who is getting benefited. When you exercise, it’s you who is getting healthier. When you travel, it’s you who is seeing the world.

Likewise, if you stay till the ending, it’s you who knows the big climax. And nobody gives a shit if you don’t know it. Nobody is going to judge you. You can sleep, puke or eat or do whatever with your book. It’s your life.

Let that realization come to you, early. Please don’t wait till my age. But then, it’s your life. If you want to learn it the hard way, so be it.

This post was originally published on 100 naked words. I will be writing 100 words for 100 days. So stay tuned. 🙂

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