When should you quit a book?

Quitting a book you don’t like is like smoking. You know its injurious to health but you don’t want to give up because you feel guilty. Your bibliophile soul curses you at the thought of it.

But like I said before, when reading becomes a chore for you, its high time you should quit.

It’s easy, I know, to say with such ease. But if you know its happening, then there is no reason you should drag your feet for so long!

If you do any of these things, I think you should QUIT right now:

  • You take more than 45 days to finish a book. No matter how thick is the book, if you take more than 45 days with it and you are still half way, then hear the bells.
  • You board your metro and you pick phone to check social media. Once or two times is fine, but if its happening for 3 days at a stretch, it’s time to step back.
  • When people ask you for a recommendation and you don’t want to name this book because deep down you know that it’s not worth a read.
  • When you can no longer remember the names of the characters even after you pay unyielding attention.
  • When even an unfathomable twist in the story seems stupid to you.
  • When you forget to keep the book in your bag and the moment you realize it, you don’t feel an ounce of regret. I have my earphones, thank god!
  • When you have carried your book to a trip but you don’t take it out even a single time.
  • When you start making excuses to read a book- there’s not enough sunshine, I am having PMS, Monday is a bad day to read, I forgot my bookmark, my cat is sick today.

To be honest, I have been through all of them- except the cat one. It’s already so hard to read amidst the daily hurdles of life. You chose that book as a friend. And if that friend isn’t helping you feel any better about the day, don’t you think it’s time to move one?

This post was originally published with 100 naked words and is a part of challenge that I took . I will be writing 100 words everyday for 100 days. Thank you for reading.

2 thoughts on “When should you quit a book?

  1. Well, sometimes, people like me who are bad in remembering names forget the name of characters but remember the whole story. I think it may not be a reason to quit the book.


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