Hola Amigos!

Thank you for visiting me.

ShrutiGigglesSharma welcomes you wholeheartedly to the abode of cheeriness.  I can not promise a world of laughter when you visit me, but I can tell that you won’t be disappointed because I am the girl-next-door who is smiling with a good old heart and trying to inculcate the same simplicity in my writings.

So, when the technology took over, I was still reminiscing the pages of my diary. Little did I know that a whole new world was waiting for me- to encourage and appreciate my love for this art. I started late but as they say- it’s better late than never.

I am an old skate on fresh ice. So hop on for a journey together!


And hey, I am a




Glad we found each other! 🙂

With love

India 🙂